TitleSwan Definitions of Services and Other Activities


“The more sweetening you put in water, the sweeter it becomes. Likewise, the longer you meditate intensely, the greater will be your spiritual advancement.”
                 - Paramahansa Yogananda




Sunday Reading Service

The reading service includes short periods of prayer, chanting and silent meditation. Selections from the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda are read during the service.     Sunday School is available for primary age children (Ages 3-11). Please ask an usher for assistance if needed.


Tuesday Meditation Service

The meditation service includes periods of prayer, chanting and silent meditation. Paramahansa Yogananda emphasized that the united devotion and concentration of many devotees can powerfully increase the depth of each individual's meditation. Meditation services provide opportunities to practice the methods of concentration and meditation taught in the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons.


Thursday Inspirational Service

The inspirational service on Thursday is similar to the Tuesday meditation service in that it also includes periods of prayer, chanting and silent meditation. However, more emphasis is placed on the devotional and inspirational messages of the writings of  Paramahansa Yogananda and other SRF publications. 


Prayer Service

At the close of every weekly service we pray for the physical, mental, and spiritual healing of others, and for world brotherhood and peace. Together the group practices the  healing technique taught by Paramahansa Yogananda, which is explained in the free booklet Worldwide Prayer Circle.


Commemorative Service

Special commemorative services are held throughout the year to honor the birthdays and mahasamadhis of the SRF line of gurus. All are welcome who can participate with reverence. Those who attend should bring a flower as a symbol of devotion to the master being honored and a monetary offering in an envelope as an expression of loyalty to the work of Self-Realization Fellowship.



Kirtan is Indian-style devotional singing to God accompanied by traditional Eastern instruments such as the harmonium, tablas, cymbals and tamboura.  Chanting is performed at the top of every hour for 15 - 20 minutes with the balance of the hour set aside for meditation.  This service provides an opportunity to go longer and deeper in chanting and thus, meditation.